Relief for you and your pet

The Epi-Pet Skin Treatment Sprays are recommended for year round skin and coat care of dogs, cats, horses and other animals. These sprays are non-medicated natural ingredient based products that are specially formulated to moisturize, cleanse, condition, deodorize and enrich your pet’s skin and coat. Veterinarians recommend routine use of topical skin enrichment sprays to promote healthy supple skin, soft shiny coats and fresh natural scents for you pet. The Epi-pet Skin Treatment Sprays are designed for use on healthy pet skin and coats and on dry, oily, itchy, flaky and odorous pet skin and coats.

The Enrichment Spray comes in three variations – Lavender, Cedar and Unscented.

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Your pet will feel like a cloud

  • Includes ingredients such as Galactoarabinan a highly effective moisturizer.
  • Daily treatment applications reduce shedding.
  • Anti-itch and Anti-oxidant ingredients like tea tree oil and peppermint.
  • Reduces dandruff on pet’s skin and coat.
  • Reduces or eliminates pet itching.
  • Helps eliminate the odor that is often referred to as that “Pet Smell”.
  • Includes True Essential Oils.
  • Includes 5 all natural insect repellents.

Skin Enrichment Sprays come in 3 variations.

The Cedar scent has 6 natural insect repelling properties to keep insects away from your pet. It has a lovely subtle scent of peppermint and cedar wood.
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epi-pet lavender scent

The Lavender scent provides a calming, therapeutic effect on hyperactive pets while providing 6 natural insect repelling properties
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epi-pet unscented

The Unscented scent spray offers relief from skin irritations without the essential oils. It also helps aiding in hairball reduction in felines when used daily.
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