Answers to your questions

  • Should you stay for your pet's grooming appointment?

    Pets love their owners and sometimes their desire to see you while they are being groomed can pose a safety risk. It can be more distracting to your pet which can result in a longer and more stressful groom. This is why it is not recommended for owners to stay for the duration of the groom. If you do come back before the groom is completed enjoy our comfortable lobby where you can relax while your pet is being finished.

  • Is ear plucking or anal gland expression included in your groom?

    Many veterinarians are controversial on the topic of ear plucking. We automatically clean and trim the excess ear hair but at Fur-Ever Loved ear plucking is only done at owners’ request.

    Anal gland expression can be done at the discretion of the owner and is an additional charge.

  • How often should I bath my pet?

    Bathing your pet too often, for instance once a week, can severely dry out your pet’s skin. It depletes their skin of essential natural oils.

    We recommend grooming every 6-8 weeks which promotes healthy skin and coat.

  • Are heated dryers used at your salon?

    Heated dryers are a danger to your pet’s safety.

    At Fur-Ever Loved all pets are hand dried with natural air allowing for one-on-one time with your pet and resulting in a better finish to your groom.

  • What should I prepare for my pets grooming visit?

    To start your visit on the right foot, please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Arriving on time for a scheduled appointment ensures the safety of your pet because we will never put your pet’s welfare at risk by rushing any groom.  The decision as to whether a late fee or re-book is required will be at the pet stylists’ discretion.

    To ensure your pet’s comfort and well being, please inform your pet stylist of any medical conditions, allergies, behavioural problems, or pre-existing conditions when you first check in. This helps make the grooming process a better experience for your pet.

  • What happens in an emergency?

    In the unlikely event of an emergency you will be contacted immediately. Should it be necessary we will take your pet to the on call vet or the emergency vet.

  • What if my pet shows signs of stress during grooming?

    Your pet’s safety is our utmost priority. If during the grooming process your pet becomes overly stressed, ill, exceedingly aggressive, or otherwise unfit to be groomed safely, the grooming process will be stopped.

    At the pet stylists’ discretion further grooming will either be declined or re-scheduled as necessary.

  • I want a Clip Only, how do I prepare for my visit?

    If your pet is receiving the “Clip Only” service, we request that you bath and fully dry your dog the night before or the day of their appointment. The quality of the groom suffers if the pet is dirty. It is at the pet stylists’ discretion to charge a Customized Attention Fee of $10 if the pet is extremely matted or excessively dirty.

  • Will you shave a double coated dog?

    Shaving a double coated dog is rarely done at Fur-ever Loved Pet Salon unless vet recommended. From our perspective the health concerns outweigh the perceived health benefits.

    Reasons not to shave a double coated dog:

    • Removing the double coat exposes your pets skin to direct sunlight and possible sunburns
    • The growth of the hair can be ruined causing the hair not to grow back or not grow back the same as before
    • Overheating can occur
    • Skin problems can develop

    We advise trying a conditioning treatment or the Epi-Pet De-Shedding treatment to remove all loose undercoat.