Wet and Styl’d

The wet and styl’d package includes a bath and nose to tail therapeutic massage with your choice of environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and pH balanced shampoo, customized to fit your pet’s personal hair and skin needs. All pets are hand dried for a better finish to the groom and to allow a closer inspection of the skin. A manicure and pedicure shortens the nails and encourages healthy joints. Complete your pet’s spa day with a tailored hairstyle created together with you and your pet stylist.

Fluff and Buff

Spruce your pet with a nose to tail therapeutic massage with an environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and pH balanced shampoo customized to for your pet’s skin and coat type. Our special bathing and drying techniques in combination with a brush-out will help remove excess hair and leave your pet soft and silky. A special focus on nail clipping and ear cleaning is important to your pet’s well being. Your pet will leave revitalized, happy and polished.

Just for Puppies

Itty Bitty Package: This allows us to show your puppy how much fun grooming can be!
This package includes a bath with a shampoo, blow dry, nail clipping, and ear cleaning all designed for a puppy’s needs.
For puppies with more hair, trimming in front of the eyes, around the feet and sanitary area is also included. We recommend that puppies have their second set of shots before being groomed.

The Paw Package add-on

The Paw Package includes a conditioner (to promote healthy skin and coat, and also to help get rid of excess hair and dramatically reduce shedding), nail grinding instead of clipping (which helps to get the nail shorter, smoother and rounder), teeth brushing and optional nail painting.

Special Express Services

Does your pet get grooming jitters or is easily stressed?  Treat your pet to one of our express spa packages designed especially for their needs. Express services include:

Walking Wet: A soothing bath and partial drying that allows your pet to be in and out of the salon in less than 30 minutes. They leave clean, happy and re-energized.

Clip Only: A calming haircut only giving your pet a fresh new style in less than an hour. You will enjoy the results and your pet will walk out in style.

Quick Touch Ups: In need of a quick touch up for your pet? We offer a variety of services that are individually priced or can also be bundled together. Services include; nail trimming/grinding, nail polish, tooth brushing, ear cleaning/plucking, foot trim and more! All Touch-Ups must be done at an scheduled appointment time.


Finish your pet’s spa experience with a refreshing scent and add a bow or a bandana.