How to Manage Mats

Mats are knots that form when the hair tangles together and are often a problem in dogs with longer hair. There are several things which can cause matting, but the most common cause is lack of grooming.

Mats should be taken seriously because they can lead to serious skin problems. They can also irritate and hurt your pet especially when those mats are located behind the ear, flank or rear-end areas on your pet.

Mats can be painful to your pet because they can:

  • Twist the skin underneath the mat
  • Stop blood circulation
  • Reduce oxygen and air flow to the skin trapping moisture and creating an ideal place for bacterial skin infections and “hot spots” which are very irritating and painful
  • Hide pre-existing medical conditions
  • Restrict movement

If your pet has long hair, please check your pet for mats. Look at the base of the hair at the skin to find mats. They generally first appear in the high friction areas such as in the armpits, on tail and around the collar.

To prevent mats from developing, groom your pet on a regular basis. A regular visit to your pet stylist for a proper groom is the most effective grooming method. However, it’s also important to maintain good coat condition in between grooming appointments. Ask your pet stylist which brush and comb is best suited for your pet or book an appointment for just a brush out.

How We Handle Matted Fur

At Fur-Ever Loved Pet Salon, we will not cause undue harm or stress by brushing out an extremely matted coat.

When dealing with extreme mats, often the only safe solution is to shave the coat and start fresh.