Introducing your Puppy to Grooming

We offer our “Itty Bitty” package for puppies up to 6 months of age. We require all puppies to have had their second set of shots, and rabies vaccination. This is an introduction to grooming that allows the puppy to get used to the sounds and experience of grooming, without overwhelming the puppy with a full groom the first visit. Your puppy can have as many Itty Bitty grooms as you like while they are under 6 months old – the more exposure the better and more comfortable the puppy will be with grooming in the future, as they are so impressionable in their young age! Plus keeping their coat in good condition right from the get-go will prevent us from having to shave the puppy because of matting for the first haircut.

Our Itty Bitty groom includes a bath, dry, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, trimming of the paws, and if the dog needs a haircut in the future, then we would also trim around the face, feet and bum. The cost for an Itty Bitty groom depends on the size and breed of dog, but ranges from $15-$35.

5 key benefits to introducing grooming to your puppy:

      1. It builds an early bond between your puppy and pet stylist.
      2. Allows your puppy to feel comfortable in the grooming environment.
      3. Introduces your puppy to the different tools of grooming.
      4. Provides greater ability to choose the hairstyle you like best.
      5. Reduces hair in your house.

6 things you can do at home to nip potential grooming problems early:

    1. Play with your puppies feet by touching their toes and nails.
    2. If your puppy needs regular face trimming get them used to having their chin held. Also put your fingers in front of their eyes, Pet Stylists hold the chin hair to control some of the head movement when you trim in front of the eyes. Introducing these movements to your puppy with positive reinforcement helps the grooming experience.
    3. Start brushing your puppy at an early age. Make it fun and rewarding but don’t give in easy if they are being stubborn.
    4. Don’t bath your puppy too often – no more than once a month.
    5. At an early age use a tearless oatmeal shampoo. Bath time is fun – soap in the eyes is not!
    6. Make grooming fun! Get your puppy excited to visit the grooming salon!