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Come check out our unique selection of pet food, treats, toys, cleaning products, shampoos, brushes, dental care, scented sprays, de-skunking treatments, clothing, and much more!

Open Farm dog food and treats

Open Farm is a family-run premium pet food company where the best ingredients are ethically raised & sourced. Made with 100% Certified Humane meats, Ocean Wise recommended wild-caught fish and locally grown, non-GMO fruits & veggies. Almost all of our groomer’s feed their dogs this brand of dog food because it is the best on the market underneath raw, and has cleared up many health issues from allergies to skin conditions to ear infections to anal gland problems. Each bag has it’s own lot code you can enter into their website and it will tell you exactly where every single ingredient originated from! The bags are also recyclable! Just bring your empty bag back to our salon and we will recycle it for you!


Doctor Raw

Doctor Raw dog food supplements are tailored for raw, home cooked or kibble diets and are Veterinary Formulated & Nutrient Specific.
Made From Natural Wholesome Ingredients.Supplements are available for weight management, joint and mobility issues, digestive support, allergies and itching, and more. Our favourite Doctor Raw product is their all-natural calming spray. Simply spray 5 sprays onto the dog’s collar, bed, blanket, shirt or other object near the dog. The scent mimics pheromones the mother dog releases when her puppies her born which soothes and calms the dog, reducing anxiety and stress. We have had FABULOUS results using this product for dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides and even the grooming process.


SOS Odours

SOS has a great de-skunking treatment, as well as cleaning products to help with dog/cat/rodent/reptile urine odours. Products are safe for use near pets and in pet environments, and can be used on all types of floors, mattresses, clothing, litter boxes and more! The de-skunking treatment is a great option to have on hand at home, just in case!



Tropiclean has delicious smelling shampoos and scented sprays, such as kiwi & cocoa butter, papaya & coconut, oatmeal & tea tree oil, and more!. Shampoos for every skin type! Tropiclean also makes a wonderful leave-in conditioning spray that greatly helps in detangling to reduce matts in dogs.



Whimzees are an All Natural, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian dog chew that lasts longer than other popular dental chews. Whimzees’ unique shapes stimulate blood flow through the gums, making your pet’s mouth healthier, and preventing gingivitis and tartar build-up.Tropiclean also has a line of Fresh Breath products, such as our favourite teeth gel, which we use on dogs in the salon when we brush their teeth. Unlike regular dog toothpaste, this gel doesn’t need to be brushed on the dogs teeth – you can simply squirt or wipe the gel onto the teeth and it will work its way around the dog’s mouth and will soften the plaque and tartar over time, making it easily scrape off when the dog chews on bones or dental chews. It now comes in a variety of flavours like mint, berry fresh, vanilla mint and peanut butter!


Look Who’s Happy

Look Who’s Happy is a line of dog treats that our dogs love! All the meat and poultry used is sourced from the United States, Canada or New Zealand (never China) and is USDA-inspected. Every treat is made in their family-owned plant in the USA. Every procedure is in place to ensure product quality, from HACCP to GMP. Every lot is independently tested for your pet’s safety. Flavours include venison jerky, chicken with pumpkin, duck & chicken with peas, quinoa & kale, and so many more!



NatuRAWls is a raw pet food made from 100% Canadian meats and is family owned and operated. NatuRAWls takes pride in offering Canadians products you can trust. Their products are ALL CANADIAN, from the source to their facility in Southwestern Ontario, where they dehydrate the finished product. Their products come from Canadian government inspected facilities to ensure that they only use the best quality meats.Their products are all single-ingredient, with no additives or preservatives! Treats such as chicken feet, beef liver, duck necks, lamb lung, lake smelts, rabbit ears, sweet potato chips, and more!


Benny Bully’s

Benny Bully’s specializes in fortified, limited-ingredient pet treats. The brand was founded in Canada and has been family owned and operated since 1990. Benny Bully’s are pure beef liver treats, with some containing extras like apple, pumpkin, hemp, banana, sweet potato or kelp. No additives, fillers, colouring, or preservatives.They are low-calorie and human grade too! Dogs go crazy for them!


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