We’re booking up quickly! Please book in advance!

Summer weather is here which means we are booking a little more in advance – typically 1 week in advance for weekday appointments and 2-3 weeks in advance for evening/weekend appointments.

We do our best to accommodate everyone but the further ahead you book the better chance at getting the day/time/groomer your prefer!

FYI We accept pre-bookings up to a year in advance!

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Don’t Shave Your Double Coated Dog!

Once the warm weather comes, we often get asked about shaving double coated dogs (like Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Collies, Shelties, Shepherds etc) thinking it will help keep them cool. This is NOT TRUE!

Double coated dogs have 2 types of fur – a soft undercoat, and tougher guard hairs.

The undercoat keeps the dog warm in winter and cool in summer. The undercoat actually acts as insulation against heat – think of it like “coolie cup” for your ...

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Waterloo Region Record Reader Awards Winner!

Thank You for voting for us for the Waterloo Region Record Reader Awards!

2016 Platinum Winner – Favourite Grooming Location

2015 Platinum Winner – Favourite Dog Grooming Location

2014 Diamond Winner – Favourite Dog Grooming Location

2013 Gold Winner – Favourite Dog Grooming Location

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pH level of a dog’s epidermis…Never use human products on pets!

Did you know that baby shampoo is 150 times too acidic for a dog’s epidermis?

We recently found an interesting article about the pH level of dog’s skin. We know it’s common for people to bathe their dogs with dish soap or baby shampoo, and do “skunk baths” with products like baking soda, mouthwash, vinegar etc.

There is evidence that these simple products can severely irritate dog’s skin, because dog’s skin has a different pH level and thickness compared to ours:

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